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"Hi-Yo Silver"..............a super large Haddon rocking horse named SILVER

New product

Our favourite and largest purchase this month is the large Haddon rocking horse shown below which we have named SILVER as he looks a bit like the Lone Rangers horse of that name. 

Silver is a very large robust fibre glass and wooden horse from the 1970-80s and is 6 ft long and 4 ft 3 ins high. He is generally in very good order though has lost his tail and is missing his saddle and bridle. We are wondering whether to sell on as is or to get him into showing condition.

Haddon is one of the top 2 makers of rocking horses in the UK and is still in business.

Silver is shown with our dog Cody (the dog from hell!) who is looking rather guilty as has probably just finished chewing a table leg, watering can, her food dish or anything else vaguely chewable.


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