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No more oil!

Oil can collection

North Sea oil may be running out but there are still a few oil cans and signs around and here are some particularly nice collectors examples which we thought you would like.

There are 3 small conical shaped cans, the best one being the Kayes walnut whip example. The large red conical shaped REDEX can from the mid 20th century has a space age look. 

The two colourful cycle oil cans show great images and the orange Sutcliffe and tin/copper  Braime are VG long spout/press examples.

The wee brass cased gun oiler is from WW1 and came as standard issue with your 303 rifle. The brass and glass engine oiler probably came off a small steam engine.

The unusual wee banjo shaped chrome oiler probably came with a sewing machine and finally the bright and decorative Gargoyle car oil enamel advertising sign is one of our favourites and dates to the 1920-30s.

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