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Portsoy marble portsoy marble jewellery serpentine

Although not an antique or collectable, customers at our shop have been interested in a polished Portsoy marble paperweight that sits on our counter as it is very tactile and nicely polished.

It is shown on the right of the pic shown along with other pieces of polished and unpolished marble or serpentine to give it s proper name.

Customers have been keen to try polishing this serpentine and we have been giving pieces to enthusiasts keen to have a go.

The serpentine is reasonably soft, can be cut with a hacksaw, filed and is polished while wet using wet and dry sandpaper. If you would like a few pebbles to try we can send you a few bits if you cant call past shop, all we ask is you pay for the postage. Email:

We have a good stock picked up over the year from the marble beach on the outskirts of Portsoy a town in north east Scotland.

The pic shows some of our favourite pieces notably the large maroon/cream lamp base and the green heart shaped pendant on gold chain.


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