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Vintage postcards from Cruden Bay area of north east Scotland

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Included in an album of photographic postcards we purchased recently were these 4 superb early 20th century images all pertaining to Crude Bay or thereabouts.

The first shows a team photo of threshing mill workers with the mill, steam engine and hay ricks in the background. Threshing day was a family affair with everyone playing a part young and old, male and female. 

The next photographic postcard shows the Cruden Bay baker proudly showing off his horse drawn cart. The cart has J Colvin Baker, Cruden Bay on the side and this pic dates back to the early 20th century where bakers travelled around their local area delivering bread etc.

This is our favourite card and shows the Port Errol (part of Cruden Bay) Football team photo of 1910 (dated on ball). This card has some amusing features e.g. the chap at the front and goalie at the back each wearing his lucky flat cap and the player at the front left who brought the wrong coloured shorts! Finally, the chap up the back right with the towel who seems well prepared for any emergency.

The last pic shows the milkman with his horse drawn cart and young helpers doing a delivery. The number of churns on the cart suggests that many families had there own churn while others maybe just bought a fill of milk from the boy on the right with the jug.

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