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Excellent boxed set of 12 Victorian fruit knives and forks by Francis Howard Sheffield


This excellent boxed set of 12 Victorian fruit or dessert knives and forks has seen very little use over the past 120 years.

The knives and forks are in silver plate with shaped ivory handles and have hallmarked silver ferrules which have the FH stamp. The plated knives are also stamped FH denoting Francis Howard a Sheffield silversmith who specialised in fruit knives.

The knives are engraved with flowers, leaves and a vine on one side and the forks are also lightly engraved.

The handles are ivory and have a nice finish to the ends. A few of these have some very light discolouration but overall in super condition.

 Unusual to find a set of 12 and is such good order, no doubt the condition helped by the box which is also excellent and in mahogany with maroon patterned velvet inside lining.

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