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Framed World War II Admiralty leaflet used to RECOGNISE THE JAPANESE DESTROYERS


This interesting piece of ephemera would have been used by Naval staff during World War II to identify Japanese vessels.

This paper leaflet measures 25cms by 37, is titled "RECOGNISE THE JAPANESE DESTROYERS" and shows some great silhouette pictures of different classes of vessels with names like Kamikaze, Wakatsuki and Fubuki.

Someone has cherished this leaflet and to protect it has had it framed. The condition is not brilliant, it has been folded and creased and has the odd hold and tare but overall is still a great looking piece and could be substantially improved with reframing.

Interesting features are the different vessel styles shown, the red and white Japanese Naval ensign top left and the reference at the bottom left to the issuing department......"Training and staff duties division, Navy Staff, Admiralty.

A most unusual and unlikely survivor of World War II.


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